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Korkyra Marina is a new marina in the nautical market of Croatia. Its innovative design stems from years of listening to the wants and needs of yachters.

The main goal of the marina is to provide maximum satisfaction, and impeccable service in all segments, as well as to create an oasis of peace in the Adriatic to which guests will keep coming back with a smile on their face.

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Nature has created the perfect conditions for nautical tourism in this location. A combination of an excellent geographical location with experience in the tourism industry, along with the original tourism potential of Vela Luka, creates the perfect balance for your safety, comfort, and pleasure.

marina korkyra vela luka

The marina is located in a picturesque 9.5 km long bay in the small town of Vela Luka on the island of Korcula, making it the safest natural location for yachters in the Adriatic.

For centuries, the celebrated bay of Vela Luka has been a safe haven for all sailors. Excellent transport connections, safety, clean sea, and superb gastronomy create one of the most desirable nautical and tourist destinations.

Korkyra Marina has 135 berths and can accommodate yachts exceeding 35 meters of length.

Only modern and environmentally friendly materials were used in the construction, which emphasize the exclusivity and the investor’s desire to make the marina environmentally acceptable for all participants and to fit perfectly into the destination's scenery.

The marina is designed as an island connected to the shore by bridges, which puts the final touch on its recognizable visual appearance. We invite you to sail into the newly opened Korkyra Marina and discover all its charms.